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Sharon Steckline
Happily Retired

Leslie is the Mahjongg Maven who taught me how to play the game. She brings  her joy and fun to the game.  I love it and play every Tuesday. I too had a mom who played and it reminds me of her when I play. Thanks Leslie!

"Congratulation to you from Edith - our group is having fun every Monday now with the MAHJJ we learned from you! You are an outstanding teacher! 

Happy MAHJJ from  all of us" - Edith 


Irene Cooper

I had a little anxiety learning to play Mah Jong. (I still don’t even know how to spell it right!) From the beginning, where Leslie’s intro was clear (and fun), to getting into the nitty gritty, she helped move me/us along with continued training and tactics. I never felt like I was an idiot. (And this game could potentially make you feel that way!) Anyway, Leslie helped make it fun and she seems to cater to all different levels of ‘absorbtion’ if you know what I mean. Thank you Leslie! 


Barry Friedman

You are a sensational teacher and very HOT!

"I highly recommend Leslie as a Mahjongg teacher.  I took my first Maj lesson from Leslie before the pandemic and felt like I needed extra tutoring before completely understanding the game.  Then, during the pandemic Leslie hosted an on-line class, that is how passionate she is about the game and teaching it as well."

Jill janson  


Susie Simon

Palm Desert, CA


I have been privileged to know Leslie for over 30 years and can say, without a doubt, that she goes full throttle in whatever projects in life she chooses to pursue. As Mah Jong is one of them, she, as she does with all her pursuits, goes 100 percent in learning, researching and mastering the game like no other person I know. Whether she is playing, teaching or inventing aids to learn the game, her goal is to help others become more proficient. I have played Mah Jong for over 20 years and, believe me, she has bested me more times than I can remember, even while teaching me tricks of the game. I cannot say enough about her except to say that she is truly the “Queen of Mah Jongg!”


Shelley London


I had just retired when I mentioned to Leslie that I always wanted to learn to play mahjong.  Leslie offered to teach the game to me.  Thanks to Leslie for her endless patience, warmth, sensitivity, and sense of humor, I now play with other mahjong players.  Leslie is the Best Teacher and our Marin Mahjongg MavEn.

Carla Condon
Founder of Age-Friendly Generation Center 

OMG! The class (the video) was super and you’ve got me all revved up to take the beginner’s class. A girlfriend taught three of us the game 35 years ago and we played together for 2 or 3 years. It was so much fun, but I’ve forgotten everything and your enthusiasm is downright contagious.


You were such a star and your hair looked adorable. I’m just so excited about your class and saw the enthusiasm of those participating. It cracked me up when the ladies were exchanging phone numbers at the end. Leslie, you are such a gift to the Center. I just can’t thank you enough.




"Leslie, you are a great Mah Jongg teacher. Six of us took lessons from you and now we are playing every week. The consistency has made a big difference. You were patient and  made the classes lots of fun. My confidence has grown and I no longer feel I cannot pick a hand. I often say, what would Leslie do now? Thanks for all you gave us."



Laura Scott

Leslie's Mahjongg classes were thorough, well paced and fun! 

My confidence and passion for the game will continue to grow with Leslie as my Mahjongg mentor.


Leslie Friedman is a wonderful MahjongG instructor. We, six friends, decided to learn MahjongG and went to Leslie’s comfortable home for lessons. Leslie provides written materials and a video that are clear, concise and incredibly useful resources. We started playing Mahjong during our first lesson and, by the third session, we felt confident that we had each mastered the basics. Leslie is a delightful instructor and her passion for MahjongG is infectious. We now play weekly on our own, but we will continue to work with her periodically to expand and improve our skill set. We wholeheartedly endorse Leslie and can’t recommend her highly enough.“

Lisa, Trish, Anne, Flip, Jan and Sebia

IMG_6343 1.jpg

Mac Huynh, Content Strategist

Leslie is the best! She makes learning Mahj fun and exciting, and she's a gifted teacher. Patient with different learning styles, plus kind, warm, and funny! She really helped unlock the game for me and got me hooked. I love her sunny personality and the flare she brings to the game table. If she were a Mahj tile, I think she'd be a flower or the bird on the 1 bam. It was a joy to learn from her and I'm super grateful I got the chance.


Thanks again for everything, Leslie. You're a star!


Marilee, Danielle, Amy, Darcy, Tracy, Victoria

"We had so much fun last night. Thank you for your knowledge, expertise and amazing teaching ability! You have a gift." 😊

amy hughes.jpg

Amy Hughes, Private Chef

Leslie made my learning of the Mahjongg, fun, joyful, and most important, non-intimidating.  Her patience is unrelenting and her passion for the game radiates to everyone involved and before you know it, you are ready to play on your own.  I suggest if you have the smallest interest in the game, grab your friends and start a group.  

“Leslie’s knowledge of Mah Jongg is surpassed only by her passion. It was easy and fun to learn from Leslie. Her instructions are clear and her style is personable. I am so lucky to have found Leslie to teach me a piece of my family’s history through Leslie’s own. Can’t wait for our next session with you, Leslie!"


what people are saYING....

"What fun! We had a blast last night. I cant wait to play again!"


"Well, I’m officially addicted to this game."

"Thank you again for organizing another fun day at Mahjong! Leslie is an amazing instructor!!!!!!

I think the "lightbulb" went off today. I'm excited for next week" - Doreen C.

"Thank you again for being a WONDEFUL teacher! You've gotten us hooked on Mah Jongg." - Flip 

"Thanks so very much, Leslie, for your excellent handouts and supplemental material, as well as for your patient and hugely knowledgeable instructions during our classes. You’re the best!" 

Arlene R.

'I play twice a week and love it Thanks for introducing me to this great game."- Anna Jane R. 

"I really enjoyed learning with you and hope we can have that reunion or meet up with some of your other students to play. We're good at bringing food for a party" - Sebia P.

"I am really enjoying our mahjongg at the new location, and all the nice people.  I look forward to it every week.  You and Linda get folks loving it with your warmth and enthusiasm.  So much fun!"

Vickie D.


"I enjoy your Mahjong classes! You truly are a wonderful instructor and have given our circle of friends so much joy and new ways of thinking!" - Amy L.

"I wanted to send a thank you email about Saturday’s class and to share my sincere appreciation. My first class was so much more than I could have imagined. I’m inspired and excited to play this game – and thanks to you I am going to able to hold my own. Thank you for opening your house up to a bunch of strangers and sharing your amazing knowledge of the game. Can’t wait for Saturday!"

Julie K.

"This class was everything I had hoped for.  I have a basic understanding and know it is now on me to better my skills. I have really astute pals and we are all bringing one another along! Thanks you for your expertise and enthusiasm!"

"Just wanted to let you know it was great seeing you today and your review of the card was excellent!  My friends were in awe how thorough your presentation was. You are a treasure for all of us😘"

Carmel o.

"Leslie, I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and look forward to taking your advanced classes on strategy. Thank you for making the initial classes so much fun and for instilling in us a joy for the game." 

Lisa J.

"That was so fun!  You did a great job wrangling all of us and our questions.  I learned a TON from you in just one lesson. Thank you for making it entertaining and approachable." - 

Margaret H.

"I want to echo our deep appreciation, Leslie. You helped make the game accessible and fun, and it was really nice getting to know you. Your enthusiasm and patience were also so helpful." - Richard S.

"Leslie, thank you so much for the great class.  I learned a lot and hope to use the tips to become a better player. This class was the bargain of the century!!" - Irene A.

"That was fun. I think I was dreaming about Mahjong last night! Can't wait to keep learning! Thank  you!"

Victoria L

"I took an advanced Mah Jongg class with Leslie and learned a lot!"-Julie M.

"I really enjoy the challenge of mahJongg.

Harder than most games or maybe I just got older!"-Tony H.

"Leslie is the true goddess of Mah Jongg! She's inspirational and full of fun and magic, and wit."  


"Thank you so much, Leslie! Yesterday was a lot of fun, and you explained everything so clearly and thoroughly. Really looking forward to next week’s class!" – Sara N.

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