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Click on the link below to watch a UTUBE video by the Siamese Mah Jongg Creator,  Gladys Grad

Click on the link below for Mah Jongg! Round 2 - Pop Quiz National Mah Jongg League Rules from

Charleston Strategy Zoom by ModernMahjong. Click on the link below to Watch a Replay of a Live Charleston Strategy Session.


Four young women playing Mah-Jongg on a floating
table in a swimming pool, Washington DC, June 20,

(Photo by National Photo/Underwood Archives/Getty Images)

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Additional Links:
  • You Tube videos by Michele Frizzell
  • Here are some Facebook sites where you can ask questions or discuss interesting observations about Mah Jongg:
    • Search for 'Mah Jongg, That's It!'
    • Search for 'Mahjong Community'
    • Search for 'Ask the Mah Jongg Teacher'
2024 Card
Click on the link below to Purchase a copy of the National Mah Jongg Card directly from the National Mah Jongg League.
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